Do you work well under pressure?
When are you completely at peace?
Have you ever had sex in a public place?
Do you prefer to make the first move or let your partner?
What is your one secret desire?
How would you recognize your lover in the dark?
Have you ever had a friend with “benefits”?
How do react when you are angry? Hurt?
Are you involved or follow politics at all?
Who know you better than anyone?
Describe the most memorable sexual experience you have had?
What famous person have you fantasized having sex with?
Do you like being naked?
Are you quiet or loud during sex?
What is your favorite part of your body?
What turns you on?
What is the difference between a good lover and a bad one?
Have you ever gotten someone pregnant?
When was the last time you went to an adult toy store?
Ideally, how many times would you like to have sex week?
Are you ticklish?
Do you like or can you dance?

What is the one thing you can never say “no” to?
What brings out the animal feeling in you?
Do you like your lover to tell you about what they want in bed?
Do you have any fetishes?
What is you most sexually embarrassed moment?
What is the most you have had sex in a single day?
Are you aggressive or passive during sex?
Have you ever been caught in the “act”?
Do you masturbate often?
On a scale of one to ten, how important is foreplay?
How do you define happiness in your life?

Are you an organ donor?
Do you consider yourself a morning or night person?
What would you give your life for?
Do you consider yourself mechanically inclined?
Have you ever traveled overseas?
How often do you think of sex?
How often do you balance your checkbook?
Do you believe in luck or fate?
Are you afraid of being alone when old?
What are your biggest pet peeves?
Do you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican or independent?

What is your sign and do you believe in astrology?
What makes you laugh?
Have you cried while watching a movie?
Do you shop for clothes or go buying for them?
Do you take vitamins or supplements?
Are you an organized person or neat nick?
Are you spiritual or religious?
Are you allergic to anything?
What was your first impression of me?
Are you where you wanted to be by now in your life?
What scares you the most about getting old?

What is your favorite sexual position?
Do you like to be held or hold after sex?
What side of the bed do you like to sleep on?
How do dress if you know you are not leaving the house that day?
Do you consider yourself a neat freak, sloppy or somewhere in between?
Would you end a relationship if you thought your partner was bad in bed?
Do you like to hold hands a lot, a little or never thought about it?
Do you talk about your partner and sex with your friends?
What part of the body do you find most attractive on the opposite sex?
Where was the most public place you have had sex?
How did you first find out about sex?

Who taught you sex at first??

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