How would your best friend describe you?
When you were a child, did you get an allowance?
What was your first car? Who bought it?
What was your favorite time in school?
Are you close to your family?
What would your family be most proud of when talking about you?
When you were a child, what was your favorite toy? Still have it?
What city were you born in?
How would you describe your ideal boss/supervisor?
Describe your ideal job or profession?
What are your parent’s jobs or professions?
How would your parents describe you as a child?
Do you remember your fist day of school?
What was your favorite school lunch? Lunch box, bag or school hot lunch?
In school, did you ever cheat on a test? Did you get caught?
Did you go to dances in High school? Prom?
Did you ever sneak out from your parent’s house? Ever get caught?
Did you have a tight group of friends you hung out with in school?
Did your parent’s ever ground you?
Who was your best friend when you were young? Still keep in touch?
What was your neighborhood like growing up?
What is your favorite family memory growing up?

What is your least enjoyable memory of school?
Did you travel as a family when you were growing up? Where?
What was your fist job ever? Did you like it and how did you get it?
Did you know your grandparents or great grandparents?
Do you like your name? If you could change it would you and to what?
Did you have a nickname growing up? Who gave it to you?
What TV family would be the best example of your family?
Do you have a best friend? How long have you known them?
Do you have true friendships with members of the opposite sex?
Do you think you make friends easily?
Have you ever lost a best friend? How did it happen?

Do you know much about your distant relatives?
Who do you keep in touch with from High School? College?
How would your mother describe you?
What is the biggest fight you have had with you family?
What do you and your closest friend to for fun?
Name one thing you would not want your family to know about
How did you meet your current group of friends?

Were you considered a good kid or a wild child?
Were you an only child or where were you in the sibling pecking order?
What nationality or ethnic origins do you have in family background?
Who are you closest to in your family?
How far did you go in school? Ever want to go back?
Did you belong to any clubs or after school organizations?
What do you like and what do you dislike your job now?
Did you have a pet(s) when you were young? Was it a family pet or just yours?
Do you think your parents did a good job of raising you?
Did you have a favorite between your mother and father?
Did you ever run away from home? How long did it last?

When did you first learn to ride a bicycle? Learn to swim?
How do define a friend from an acquaintance?
Did you belong to any groups like scouts growing up?
Did you play sports in school? Were you good?
Do you work best alone or in groups?
What was your most memorable lesson learned from school?
Did you have a normal childhood?
What was your first bike?
What did you like best about high school? The least?
Were you ever sent to the principal’s office or in detention?
Did you ever play hooky from school?

Are you working at what you thought you would be five years ago?
Have you ever dated someone you worked with?
How many hours a week do you work?
If you were to have a child, what would you want, male or female?